Importance of updating software and a Keto comfort Casserole

Stop what you are doing immediately and make sure your device operating system is up to date. I’ll be here when you’re done. If you delay updates (also called patches) you could leave yourself vulnerable to attackers. Software developers are continually updating to protect their products and you from hackers. We know this isn’t perfectContinue reading “Importance of updating software and a Keto comfort Casserole”

Predictive Analytics, AI, and Cyber Security (and a bonus Keto Faux Tato Salad)

There has been an increasing interest in Artificial Intelligence over the last several years. To be honest, I was hooked after watching the Terminator. Who wouldn’t want to build their own Arnoid? Despite many technology leaders claiming the pending sentience of AI, that may continue to be beyond our reach. We can, however, leverage machineContinue reading “Predictive Analytics, AI, and Cyber Security (and a bonus Keto Faux Tato Salad)”

Keto Fuels Technology

For a few years now many in technology have tried or followed a low carb diet. Many follow Keto, which is essentially similar to Atkins but followers tend to eat more fat than probably healthy. There is some evidence that cutting carbs can improve concentration, give you more energy, and help you ‘feel’ healthy. HereContinue reading “Keto Fuels Technology”