Design Thinking focusing on the Client and a bonus Quick Keto Fried Rice

When you begin your innovation effort, begin with the client experience. All design begins with the client. You also need to include your stakeholders in each step of this journey. First in design thinking, you need to put yourself in the mindset of the client using empathy. Talk to customers about their challenges and what would make them delighted. Understand their view. This can involve creating personas to help understand the customer’s needs. Create a customer journey map and include pain points and personas encountered on that journey. Using the information gathered in the empathy phase it is now important to define the problem to be solved. This could be something such as “Provide recommendations in my shopping experience based on my past orders and views to help me find the needed items quickly.” During this phase you can begin to gather ideas that you will use in the next step. During the ideation phase you begin to generate ideas that solve the pain points and needs from the empathy and define phases. Make sure that you are using a very physiologically safe approach to generate ideas. Participants can use “yes and” to build on others ideas, not dismissing anything at this point. It is also good to rank the ideas in terms of speed and ease to implement and costs associated with the effort. In the next phase a prototype is created by the design team. This can be any prototyping including a clickable version using AdobeXD or a hand drawn rendering. The type will be based on the dynamics of the ideation you are leading. Test is the last phase in this you will test the various solutions from the prototyping phase to determine the best solutions. This is a very iterative process.

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Now for some food to fuel the fun: Very quick and easy Keto “Fried Rice”:

I discovered this one day when I had 5 minutes between calls and I was so hungry. I found a bag of riced cauliflower in my freezer. I also had peanut oil and soy sauce on hand but no time for fancy food. I microwaved the riced cauliflower according to directions minus 1 min. When there was one minute left, I removed the cauliflower and squeezed out the liquid while the cauliflower was still in the bag. I added a 1/2 tablespoon of peanut oil to the bag and a tablespoon of soy sauce. I stirred in the oil and sauce. I completed the microwave cycle recommend then plated the results. To me, this tasted and smelled like fried rice. Try it and tell me what you think.

Thank you for following my tech talks and trying my Keto ideas!


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