Natural Language Processing and Keto Ice cream

If you own an Amazon Echo and talk to Alexa you are interacting with NLP (Natural Language Processing). NLP falls under the AI (artificial intelligence) family. Siri and Google assistant also use NLP. Many toll free numbers use this as well. When you call your bank and the system asks you to say in a few words what you need, NLP is being used. NLP basically works with a dictionary which is developed containing common words and phrases. When words contained in the dictionary are spoken the programed response is returned. For example if you say “Hey Alexa what is the weather for tomorrow?” This matches a predefined phrase pattern programed into the software that will then call the weather for your area. Alexa will then state your weather. If you next thank Alexa you will get the programed response “you are welcome, (name)”.

NLP is a common tool employed in many use cases. For more information and an overview review the following article.

In honor of warming weather this is a Keto recipe that I have tried which is really easy and very good. I am sharing from another site so I am posing the link here.


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