Cyber Security Tools can be weaponized and a Keto un-egg roll

Governmental entities and private commerce create cyber tools to protect and monitor networks. In some cases they also create backdoors to allow for surveillance or testing. Nation States also create hacking tools to investigate, monitor, and hack other nations. Unfortunately these tools can be coopted by malicious actors and are used against other governments, businesses and even individuals. We have seen evidence of some of these attacks recently. Nation States need to spend an equal or greater amount of energy hardening and securing our networks as we spend hacking and monitoring other nation states.

My take on the keto egg roll:

1 package of pre-cut cold slaw cabbage (by in the salad section of your local store)

2 TBS of Sesame Oil

1 cup of chopped mushrooms (I prefer a little fancier versions but use as desired)

Soy Sauce to taste

1lb Ground Pork

1 cup of medium pre-cook shrimp

Add 1/3 of the sesame oil and soy sauce to pan and stir fry pork until done. Set aside. In same pan, add 1/3 of oil and soy sauce to pan and then stir fry shrimp until done. Set aside. In same pan, add remaining oil and soy sauce to pan then stir fry mushrooms and cabbage mixture until softened. Add cabbage mixture to a dish spoon pork and shrimp on top.

The sesame oil and soy sauce gives this the flavor of the traditional egg roll. Don’t substitute with other oils as this will change the flavor. You can purchase this oil very reasonably on Amazon.

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