Cyber Skills in Demand and a bonus Roasted Faux-Tato Keto receipe

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Technology skills are in high demand. Employers are looking for professionals who are able to jump in and assist in transforming the enterprise. Cyber Security skills are in high demand and will continue to be critical enterprise roles. These are some of the most critical skills:

  1. Application development security
  2. Cloud security
  3. Risk management
  4. Threat intelligence
  5. Incident response
  6. Compliance and controls
  7. Data privacy and security
  8. Access management
  9. Security strategy and governance
  10. Health information security

To fuel your technology journey, enjoy this keto meal:

Roasted Faux-Tatos

2 medium radishes

1 medium Kholrabi

Drizzle Kraft Chipotle Aioli (Amazon)

1 tablespoon Avocado oil (Amazon)

1 tablespoon of Urban Accents All-Natural Gluten Free Veggie Roaster Seasoning (Amazon)

In a bowl with a lid combine the radishes, kohlrabi, oil and spices. Mix well to coat. Place the mixture on the top shelf of an air fryer. Cook on 400 degrees for about 12-15 minutes (times may vary depending on your oven. Plate your roasted faux-tatos and drizzle with aioli.

I paired this with a hamburger patty spiced with chipotle spices and fried in the air fryer. I placed the patty on a large lettuce leaf with a tablespoon of the chipotle Aioli and a small spoon Robert Rothschild Farm Raspberry Wasabi Mustard (Amazon.).

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