The Future is Now: Practical Applications of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and a bonus Keto Chocolate Truffle Recipe to fuel your day

Machine Learning

Many years ago, we were introduced to artificial intelligence and machine learning while watching The Terminator. Many feared what machines would eventually be capable of; while others were entertained by the movie and thought about more practical applications. Even today, many people see machine learning (ML) as some far-off fictional science fiction dream.  There are currently many practical applications of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning in production.

These perhaps work well enough that the average consumer doesn’t realize that they are interacting with applications driven by machine learning. I have interacted with ML/NLP driven applications and devices many times this morning already. This morning Alexa provided me with the weather as I awoke. She reminded me that I was almost out of espresso pods and asked if she should add them to my cart. Siri answered several questions I had about a news item I had listened to. Google Maps provided me with the best possible route to take (based on traffic conditions and my preference for back roads) to get to a destination I will be going to today. I received recommendations from Apple Music on some holiday favorites I might want to listen to on that drive.

For fun, if you have an Echo speaker, try the Alexa Prize Socialbot. Several Universities are using ML and NLP to create a conversational BOT. There are many practical applications for this technology as you can now imagine. You can hold a conversation with Alexa and talk about many popular topics. The technology asks questions, listens to responses, and decides the next move in the conversation. To try this say “Alexa, let’s chat”. To conclude the conversation say “Alexa exit.”

The following article has some additional ML and NLP use cases that you are probably already doing and may not realize.

As always, here is a fun Keto recipe to fuel your learning. Keto Chocolate Truffle


1 package of Lily’s chocolate chips purchase here

½ cup of Natural Peanut Butter purchase here

1 cup of whipped cream (see below for instructions)

Toppings such as shredded no sugar added coconut, almond slivers, and more

Add 1 cup of heavy whipping cream to your stand mixer. Using whisk attachment whip until it forms peaks and resembles whipping cream.

Put the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. Put a cup of water in another bowl. Place in microwave and cook for 15 second intervals, stirring the chips at each interval, until the chips are melted.

Mix the peanut butter and the chocolate together. Fold in the whipped cream. Mix well.

Refrigerate the mixture for 2 hours or until the mixture is firm enough to form into balls.

Roll the mixture into balls that are about ¾ of a inch. Roll the completed balls into the topping of your choice.

Keep the mixture refrigerated.

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