Cybersecurity needs increasing in a covid-19 work from home world and a keto recipe (Chicken soup)

Many of us are working remotely due to Covid-19. We are accessing our workplace networks remotely. We are interacting cooperatively with our peers, leaders, and customers. As a result the demand for increased security will grow and continue. The attached article looks into remote work and cybersecurity. It is important for you to remember that YOU are your first line of cybersecurity defense.

As always, to fuel your reading I am providing yet another home made KETO friendly recipe. It was really cold in Wisconsin today so here is a Sunday Chicken Soup Recipe.

Whole Chicken (cook alone until done, let cool and remove meet from bones)

3 Cups Chicken Broth

2 small onions (cut into medium side pieces or as desired)

2 carrots sliced into medium circular slices (or as desired)

1 cup Cauliflower sliced into smaller florets

I small package of fresh Baby Bella Mushrooms (cut into slices or as desired)

1 garlic clove (smashed)

Salt and Pepper to taste

After first cooking the chicken completely, and removing the meat from the bones, add the chicken and all ingredients listed in a large soup pot. Cook over medium heat for about 45 mins until done. When done the aroma will make you very hungry. Each 1.5 cup bowl has about 3 net carbs from the vegetables.

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