Transforming our World

As a transformational leader, I drive achievement of organizational goals by effectively and cooperatively partnering with internal and external stakeholders to effectuate change. I am seeking to grow as a leader within the broad technology field to apply my years of organizational transformation skills with my educational background in leadership, networking and technology. I have created this site to showcase my technology portfolio and to share technology insights.

Latest from the Blog

Importance of updating software and a Keto comfort Casserole

Stop what you are doing immediately and make sure your device operating system is up to date. I’ll be here when you’re done. If you delay updates (also called patches) you could leave yourself vulnerable to attackers. Software developers are continually updating to protect their products and you from hackers. We know this isn’t perfect…

Design Thinking focusing on the Client and a bonus Quick Keto Fried Rice

When you begin your innovation effort, begin with the client experience. All design begins with the client. You also need to include your stakeholders in each step of this journey. First in design thinking, you need to put yourself in the mindset of the client using empathy. Talk to customers about their challenges and what…

Natural Language Processing and Keto Ice cream

If you own an Amazon Echo and talk to Alexa you are interacting with NLP (Natural Language Processing). NLP falls under the AI (artificial intelligence) family. Siri and Google assistant also use NLP. Many toll free numbers use this as well. When you call your bank and the system asks you to say in a…

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